My Suicide

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This movie is a must see!

tonight my class, galleries and studios, had guest artists come in and talk about their movie. It is a Independent film that is about a teenager that is going to commit suicide on camera. he creates a upset in his high school and in his own personal life. it makes you question life, death and what really matters in life. it also touches upon problems with teens in america (drugs, suicide and car crashes) and gives an amazing example of how we can start changing the world one project/ piece of art at a time. brilliantly put together, this movie brought tears to my eyes. I can’t wait to see it in the theaters again in the spring!

(83/365) / Page Traeger


Its November already!

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I can’t believe how fast this time is going… I need to catch you all up to what I have been doing within the past month..

during fall break I visited Perugia and Assisi with Kate (my roommate). In Perugia, we visited the Chocolate festival! it was really fun and eat lots of chocolate…

within that same day, we went to Assisi and saw the St. Francesco Basilica. it was really beautiful. we weren’t allowed to take pictures, but I snuck some good ones.

during fall break we also got to see the film festival and visited Napels.. did some shopping and eat some GREAT pizza. the best I think I will ever have.

The next weekend was Halloween… I wasn’t really sure what I was doing for that weekend, and for some reason I didn’t want to stay in Rome… so I texted this guy that I met at the film festival to see what he was up to. long story short, he said he was going to Barcelona and that I should come along. I booked my ticket, by myself mind you. and planned on hanging with this guy and his friends, since that is what he implyed in the text. I flew to Barcelona and he never called. he ditched me that whole weekend even tho he knew that I was alone. so I’m assuming that his friends had an influence and he thought that he would never see me again because I did see him again. that Monday that I was flying back to Rome, he was on my bus and flight. when I got onto the Bus, he hid from me like an asshole would do. I’m really happy with the way that weekend panned out. I’m glad he didn’t call. The friday that I headed out of my apartment to go to the metro, the first thing that I did was pray to God that my trip would go smoothly and I would have someone to travel with most of the time that I was there. and he did just that. On my flight I met this girl Lynnet, and she invited me to hang with her… which I did for the first to days. she ended up being a great traveling buddy because we basically wanted to see the same sites and she was really fun to be around. We went out to eat, saw a flaminco dancer, a parade, churchs and a museum. The second night, I met an Austrailian girl, british guy and two guys from Boston that invited me to go out with them for Halloween. It was really fun! I tried new foods… mussels, clams, shrimp! I have never liked seafood until the past couple weeks.. it has opened up a new level of foods that I can eat. it’s great. That night, while we were out at some bars, we met some people from the philly area and they invited me to have dinner with them the next day. They were really awesome! that sunday was really relaxing. I saw the Picasso museum, and than took a walk to Parc Guell. it was my favorite spot in Barcelona. there was a band playing classic spanish music on the top oof the mountain. i loved it. that evening I went to dinner with the people that I had met the night before. They were so hospitable… we had Topas and wine. and I tried some more food that I have never had before… goat liver and now I like guacomole!!! it’s awesome. i had an amazing weekend in Barcelona.

This past weekend I traveled to Venice!!! the one place that I promised myself I would go to. And I got to ride a Gondola!!! it was so much fun…. Venice is beautiful… it was pretty rainy, but still amazing. I also saw the Venice Beannale. some really great artists….

this week will be very eventful. Today was my work day, but tonight all of my roommates are being treated to dinner by Bretts parents! sooo nice. I love parents. we are going to this yummy Pizza place… I can’t wait!

this upcoming weekend I am going on a class trip to Florence. it should be very informative. I can’t wait to see the David!

Ciao for now

long time needed

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So I’ve been really busy within the past couple weeks… On October 4th I went to the Marino Wine Festival… which was crazy. They say that Italians do not drink to get drunk… but that was not the case at this festival. The trains were packed on the way there and back. On the way back they had to stop the train because there was a drunken fight. One actually almost broke out right next to me…
that week I had the Jam session! I played Skinny Love by: Bon Iver… and I did a song with my friend Evan, I sang When I paint my masterpiece by bob Dylan and he played the guitar. it went really well! I was really happy with everyone’s performance ☺
I also went to the practice for the Italian Church Chorus that I am doing.. it’s actually a lot like my old Chorus in High school that I used to do, so I’m excited about it.
On Thursday my roommates and I went to the OPERA!!! we got all dressed up and went to Debussy’s ___. it was beautiful. the singers were amazing and actually put me to sleep… lol kind of embarrassing. but I actually didn’t mind it at all.. I couldn’t understand the plot because it was in French with Italian subtitles.
This past weekend was one of my favorites. Lacey, Kate and I went to the Cinque Terre. It means 5 earths. they are five towns that you hike between… the hike all together takes about 5 hours… but we stopped in some towns, explored, had lots of Gelato…. and dipped our feet in the Ocean ☺
the trail is along the Ocean, so the whole time we hiked, it was amazingly beautiful. and sooo rewarding. the trail got to be a little difficult at times (with all the inclines and carrying a backpack…) but it was a great workout and lots of fun.
on Friday we hiked to the forth town, had some dinner… I actually ordered seafood for myself! that is an accomplishment for me… and than we took the train to the campsite that we were going to sleep at. When we got there they said that there were no more campsites, and we had to go to the hostel. The hostel was full…. and the bed and breakfasts didn’t answer or were to expensive… so we camped on the beach! that night it was going to thunderstorm, so we found a place under the dock that had enough of a ledge to cover us. it was perfect. we saw the thunderstorm off in the distance… so I captured it on my camera! I was sooo excited. it looked like it was going off in the distance… but sure enough, at 2:30 in the morning we were awaked by a thunderstorm right on top of us. I was scared out of my mind but it was the coolest thing to be in a thunderstorm.
The next day, we hiked from the 5th town to the 4th… that hike was really fun and about an hour and half long. we were going to swim, but than we had gelato and lunch and we cooled off, so we decided not to… we went to catch our train around 7:30 and it was late… and we had to catch connecting trains… so we missed out first connecting train by 7 minutes, and the second by 40 minutes.. so we got stuck in Pisa for 5 hours… so we went to see an Italian film. haha
it was really fun, but we could hardly understand any of it… and little did we know, it was 2 ½ hours long.. pretty lengthy movie…
we caught our night train at 2:15 in the morning and arrived back home at 5:30. it was a long night…
oh my.. what a story. I think that is my best one yet.


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Flavors I have tried.

-ricotta and pear
-Blueberry yogurt
– Yogurt
– nutella
– fiore di latte (my fav.)
– Pistachio (another fav)
-Rum raisin
-Kinder white chocolate
– toffee
– Snickeres
– Mia Magnum
– coconut

more to commmmeeee

Almalfi Coast!

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right now I am sitting here eating my homecooked meal of Pasta with tomato sauce, egg and bologna. it sounds weird, but it’s  actually pretty good… and it’s what I had in my fridge. I just got back from a wonderful weekend at the Almalfi Coast. it was one of the most amazing places I have ever been to. We were picked up on Thursday night by a coach bus (EuroAdventures..) and we arrived at our BUNGELO around 2 in the morning… our place was pretty sweet. Brett, Megan, Christi and I had our own kitchen and bathroom with a porch and hammock. It was sooo nice. The entrance to the motel area had grape vines going down the trail and beautiful palm trees. The was also a really nice pool that we had full access to (but I didn’t use because it wasn’t open in the evening… dumb, I know.) Anyways… Friday we went to Capri!!!! so blue and breathtaking. right when we got there, we climbed up to the top of the town and we could see practically the whole town. amazing view. For lunch, I had an apple that I brought and some Gelato ☺ hehe, it was lemoncello, and Kiwi!!! so delish. Ian (the coordinator) planned to have a boat trip and go cliff jumping and the blue grotto, but the waves were too choppy. so we couldn’t… we just hung out at the beach, which I was fine with. I loved that beach because there were lots of rocks to climb on and mini rock jump.. Around 5 we headed back to Sorrento on the Ferry and my roommates and I made dinner to save money. We are such good girls 😉
On Saturday, We left for Positano. that was another beautiful town. I loved the beach because it was smooth rocks! (I don’t really like sand…) the water was really warm and because it was rocks instead of sand, you could just lay in the water and let the waves wash you to shore. No sand up your butt. Good deal ☺ At this beach we got to go on a boat ride! finally. I loOOOved it! it was sooo much fun. first we went to the cliff jumping area, and I jumped off one that was about 20 feet… it was really fun. after that, we went to some caves! that was my favorite part of the trip. the were amazingly blue and glowing. The water was sooo clear. We took tons of photos because Brett had a underwater camera. At the end, in order to get to the boat the quickest, we had to swim under a rock that was longer than we expected. once we got on the boat, all of us had blood in random spots.. The rock was a little too sharp and had cut us if we hit, kicked, or got knocked into the rock. it was pretty comical.
Today we went to POMPEI. So awesome. we wandered around for a good 3 hours… it was very interesting. we wanted to climb Mt. Vesuvius, but It was to expensive. sad face.
we ended coming back to Sorrento and treating ourselves to some lunch. but we made a bad choice in our restaurant decision. they were really small meals, and Bretts was really bad. to make up for it, we had some gelato. I had toffee, white chocolate Kinder, and another that I can’t remember, but it was realllly good.
The bus ride home was pretty long… a whole lot longer than what it needed to be. but I’m home now. I’m gonna go to bed. it’s 12 am…

Things i am going to do in ROMA

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Bold means i did it!


8. TRY EVERY GELATO FLAVOR…. I think that one is impossible..
18. PASTA MUSEUM (its closed!!! I can’t do this one…. 😦

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another beautiful day in Rome.
My photo class met bright and early this morning at 8:30 in the fresco room. 5 long flights of stairs to the top of the school. I was mad tired, so when we had a break I went straight to the espresso vending machine. that’s right, I said espresso vending machine… it’s not like the espresso is with lots of other foods or drinks. nope, just espresso.
I love Italy. there is something about being here and needing espresso. no joke. I never thought that I would drink coffee so much. I think it’s contagious. there are so many kinds too. Caffé latte, caffé latte espresso/ freddo/ caldo, caffé e chocoletto, espresso macchiato, cappuccino de orzo macchiato…… geez.
today I had the Orzo one…. not my favorite. I think Orzo means rice, sooo I don’t know what I drank. but, none the less, it woke me up! after the break, we went to Saint Peters and took photos there… which was convenient because we were 5 minutes away from my apartment ☺
now I am about to leave for my galleries and studios class and we are going to explore and visit some artists studios!
I love my classes…

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