Turkey Day

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Homemade Christmas Presents!

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homemade present - gold leaf vases



This was also in the Real Simple issue and while I wouldn’t get that much of a kick out of these, I think my wife would dig them. Basically you can just find a few small vases from the thrift store and get a Gold Leaf Kit. From there you just follow the instructions in the kit – you can and should add your own creative flare…


The choice of yarn makes all the difference. Here, simple cowl patterns using a stockinette stitch yield three striking scarf alternatives.

For a multicolored piece, a base yarn is paired with a succession of bright strands. Another cowl uses a single yarn made with different-color fibers in daybreak tones. You can knit each cowl in the round, or create a flat piece with two straight needles and sew it together.

The cowl seen here is ultrathick and cozy. For a thick, textured look, this cowl uses three strands of yarn working as one. The finished garment is about 19 inches tall and 35 inches in circumference.

5 sts equal 4 inches in St st worked in the rnd (k every rnd) with 3 strands held tog. (Be sure to check your gauge.)

Pattern Stitch
K2, p2 Rib (worked in the rnd, multiple of 4 sts) Rnd 1: *K2, p2; rep from * around. Rep Rnd 1 for K2, p2 Rib.

beg = begin(ning)(s)
k = knit
p = purl
rep = repeat
rnd(s) = round(s)
st(s) = stitch(es)
St st = Stockinette stitch
tog = together
Pattern courtesy of Lion Brand Yarn,

Step 1With 3 strands of yarn held tog, cast on 44 sts. Join, being careful not to twist sts.

Step 2Place marker for beg of rnd.

Step 3Work in K2, p2 Rib for 3 rnds.

Step 4Change to St st worked in the rnd (k every rnd), and work until piece measures about 17 inches from beg.

View Image

Step 5Work in K2, p2 Rib for 3 rnds.

Step 6Bind off.

Step 7


Weave in ends with large-eyed blunt needle.


Baker's Apron

This striped apron, made for Sarah Carey, is comfortable and festive. She is an exceptional baker as well as a chef, so I tucked the apron into a fluted ceramic pie pan and laced ribbon through some sweet cookie cutters.

Using the template, cut an apron form. With a disappearing-ink pen, mark 2 lines parallel to the bottom edge, as indicated by notches on template (one 20 1/4 inches from bottom, the other 16 inches above the first). Fold the apron so the vertical lines meet, creating a pocket. Iron in place.

Use the disappearing-ink pen to mark lines where the pocket will be divided into compartments (we drew 2 lines to create 3 pockets). Sew to the left and right of each line (about 1/8 inch apart) to create compartments.

Sew a 1/4-inch double hem on all edges of apron except bottom. Sew a 2-inch double hem along bottom. Add neck straps, as described for the gardener’s apron. Using the same method, add 2 long waist straps (each will start as a 2 1/2-by-34-inch strip).


Adorn basic headbands with beautiful feathers for a one-of-a-kind accessory.

Tools and Materials
Fabri-Tac fabric glue
Scrap of ribbon
Needle and thread
Plain headband
Hot-glue gun and hot-glue sticks
Feather pad (hackle) or selection of feathers to create one

Nonstick surface, such as a hot-glue mat or leftover label-backing paper

Fashion Headband How-To
To make a feather pad (hackle)
1. Select nice-looking feathers. Snip excess fuzz from around quill with sharp scissors.

2. Place a small dab of Fabri-Tac onto a nonstick surface. Arrange feathers with quills meeting in the dab of glue. Let dry for one hour. Peel feathers from nonstick surface.

To create a ribbon flower
1. Sew a running stitch on one side of ribbon with a needle and thread.

2. Pull thread while sliding ribbon down to create flower.

3. Hot glue button to center of ribbon flower.

To Assemble Headband
1. Look in mirror with headband on to determine placement of feathers. Mount feather pad to headband with Fabri-Tac or hot glue, and secure with clothespin until dry.

2. Add ribbon flower at base of feather hackle with hot glue and secure with a clothespin until dry.

All tools and materials available at most crafts stores.





me and my cousin are doing this…. so much more memorable 🙂


Valentines day!

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so this Vday i’m going to go out and see wolfman with one of my besties. real romantic of me, i know.


Merry Christmas!!!

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... / Nicole Michelle Angelo

Genevieve Gauckler / %27Creamy Cookie%27

holiday bokeh 2008 (1) / Trev StairЖеня Васильев

gingerbread house that sits on the edge of a mug

Alfred Hitchcock and 3 children catching snowflakes (1962) (via All Things Amazing)


MADE: TUTORIAL: Super Snowflakes


Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees / The Hungry Housewife

buddy xmas / K Santos

http://imgfave.lg1x8z.simplecdn.net/image_cache 259891164271425.jpeg

The girl that sparkles/ Southern Oregon Children’s Photography » Celebrate Life Photography by AmandaKWaiting for Christmas by =Liuanta on deviantART

kari-shma: I heart winter (365/349) (via JenniPenni)

Christmas Is Home

An Apple A Day

Twelve Days

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12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas

such a cute idea!!! those of you that have a special someone will get major bonus points (-;

24 Secret Santa Gifts for $30 or Less

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porcelain ice cream cones!

ceramic ice cream cones!!!

soap rocks!

rock soaps!

sticker picture frames!

sticker frames

chocolate bulldogs!

chocolate dogs

Click Here!

handmade vodka

stainless steel straws!

steel bendy straws

blue hands!

ceramic glove molds

make your own monster kit!

make your own monster

ziploc glass bags!

glass ziplock

washi paper masking tape!

masking tapes

172 things to do!

meringue rings!

silicone meringue rings

oh the waether outside is frightful

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but the fire is sooo delightful! Christmastime is one of my favorite times of the year. The best part is the Christmas spirit and spending time with your family. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our normal busy lives, we start to forget what it’s like to relax with your family and spend some quality time with the ones you love. Here are some fun ideas in ways to celebrate the holidays in a memorable way. enjoy

1. Decorate Christmas Cookies. Go back to your youth and get creative with candy and icing. It also helps that you can eat your result 😉


2. Put up Christmas lights and tacky homemade decorations. Popcorn strings and paper snowflakes are time consuming but calming.


3.Drive around and Look at Christmas lights. Especially wearing pj’s and drinking hot cocoa while listening to Christmas music!


4. Write heartfelt letters to each of your relatives. Words can mean the most to a person, especially when it’s from a loved one.


5. Give a reminder what Christmas is all about. Sit your family down a read the Nativity story/ Christmas story/ memories of years past/ whatever applies to your beliefs or relationships with one another. You will look back at that evening and smile.


6. Host a Santa party (or whatever theme you desire). It’s fun to dress up, especially for the kids, so let the child in you come to the surface and put on antlers and a red blinking nose.


7. Fall asleep by the Fireplace. This is self explanatory.


8. Create a New Tradition. There is something heartwarming to know that you are always going to do a certain action/ thing with a loved one; whether it be writing a letter to each other, partaking in fondue, or making a new Christmas ornament. You will remember each year like it was yesterday.

10133750, Romilly Lockyer /The Image Bank

9. Sing-along. Rally your family/ a group together and go Christmas Caroling or just unite and sing in your livingroom. It’s really fun if you have a musical friend. All original, no itunes…


10. Secret Santa. Sometimes it’s fun to be surprised with an extra little gift from someone that you aren’t expecting. Make it silly and fun.


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