C is for Candy

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I really like the format of this website.. and the content too 😛


Fluid Sculpture

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Design Year Book

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Design Year Book.

Tasse Anna

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Tasse Anna

hidden secrets. even porceline mugs have them

Tasse Anna - Milchkaffee Schale mit Unterteller

My Suicide

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This movie is a must see!

tonight my class, galleries and studios, had guest artists come in and talk about their movie. It is a Independent film that is about a teenager that is going to commit suicide on camera. he creates a upset in his high school and in his own personal life. it makes you question life, death and what really matters in life. it also touches upon problems with teens in america (drugs, suicide and car crashes) and gives an amazing example of how we can start changing the world one project/ piece of art at a time. brilliantly put together, this movie brought tears to my eyes. I can’t wait to see it in the theaters again in the spring!

(83/365) / Page Traeger


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ShareSomeCandy: created by: kate bingaman burt.

I love all of these drawings… they are so querky4068460055_4de5866611_o






my friend sarah.

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she’s amazing.


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