my future apartment

December 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

will consist of these things…

This is what I call being Creative / Flexner

(via fannycacahuete)

cool lighting

Apartment Therapy - kitchen bar

wine shelves

Far From Conservative - The New York Times > Home & Garden > Slide Show > Slide 5 of 15


Apartment Therapy Chicago  Wraparound Bookcases, Five Ways

lots of books

Apartment Therapy New York  Slow Deco: Design to Last Skona Hem

071909 kung 4.jpg

a bar AAAAAAABs8/ntwPsGBEQM0/s1600/purple%20sala%20apartment%20therapy.jpg

bright colored walls

Apartment Therapy - 06 Foyer01

tea cup collection

Apartment Therapy Chicago  Best of Modern Wallpaper: Lisa Bengtsson


Apartment Therapy New York  Vintage Diner Set - $640 New York Scavenger

a teachers map and a booth


exposed brick


hanging pots and pans

Apartment Therapy Chicago  International 14: Kate%27s World Outside the Window

the restroom sign

Apartment Therapy - painted closet

brightly colored closets

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles  Round Up: Kitchen Splashbacks Melbourne

Inspiration: Star Lanterns  Apartment Therapy San Francisco

Apartment Therapy -


book lovers never go to bed alone

small but organized

Apartment Therapy Chicago  A Collection of Collections Keaggy


Apartment Therapy DC  Roundup: New Takes on Old Doors

useful old doors… (I LOVE THIS ONE) f460be993f7e1650ae5337c39393383030e01424_m.jpg

high exposed ceilings

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn  Global Color! Colorful Tableware from Around the World

cute mittens

Apartment Therapy

tham & videgard hansson arkitekts

awesome floors


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