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November 30, 2009 § Leave a comment

I can never remember what I want in my future apartment… so I am going to collect them here. feel free to take my awesome decorating ideas and findings

-frame with tapes in it

Yimmys Yayo

roca1.jpg 420×344 pixels

For your tables, you can purchase a piece of glass for $100.00 and use any number of things for your base. Large Flowerpots, cement columns, and even bricks wrapped in fabric will make a great base for your dining and occasional tables. If glass is too expensive, you can purchase plywood or MDF board and paint or tile it instead. Use the same methods to build a desk. On top of two, file cabinets, place glass, MDF, or a hollow core door.

If you find yourself unable to get a free sofa, you can build one yourself. Two solid doors can be turned into a sofa by cutting one in half to use for the sides and using one horizontally as the back. Screw these items together to make the back and sides, and then assemble a base for the cushions out of 2X4’s. Your other options are to take a bench made for the outdoors, or a twin-sized bed, and convert it into a day bed using pillows.

For your bed, all you really need is a mattress, but you can build a simple sturdy bed with plywood and cinder blocks. For your headboard, the choices are infinite. You can use a fence section, an old door, or a standing screen.












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