oh the waether outside is frightful

November 28, 2009 § Leave a comment

but the fire is sooo delightful! Christmastime is one of my favorite times of the year. The best part is the Christmas spirit and spending time with your family. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our normal busy lives, we start to forget what it’s like to relax with your family and spend some quality time with the ones you love. Here are some fun ideas in ways to celebrate the holidays in a memorable way. enjoy

1. Decorate Christmas Cookies. Go back to your youth and get creative with candy and icing. It also helps that you can eat your result 😉


2. Put up Christmas lights and tacky homemade decorations. Popcorn strings and paper snowflakes are time consuming but calming.


3.Drive around and Look at Christmas lights. Especially wearing pj’s and drinking hot cocoa while listening to Christmas music!


4. Write heartfelt letters to each of your relatives. Words can mean the most to a person, especially when it’s from a loved one.


5. Give a reminder what Christmas is all about. Sit your family down a read the Nativity story/ Christmas story/ memories of years past/ whatever applies to your beliefs or relationships with one another. You will look back at that evening and smile.


6. Host a Santa party (or whatever theme you desire). It’s fun to dress up, especially for the kids, so let the child in you come to the surface and put on antlers and a red blinking nose.


7. Fall asleep by the Fireplace. This is self explanatory.


8. Create a New Tradition. There is something heartwarming to know that you are always going to do a certain action/ thing with a loved one; whether it be writing a letter to each other, partaking in fondue, or making a new Christmas ornament. You will remember each year like it was yesterday.

10133750, Romilly Lockyer /The Image Bank

9. Sing-along. Rally your family/ a group together and go Christmas Caroling or just unite and sing in your livingroom. It’s really fun if you have a musical friend. All original, no itunes…


10. Secret Santa. Sometimes it’s fun to be surprised with an extra little gift from someone that you aren’t expecting. Make it silly and fun.


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