long time needed

November 9, 2009 § Leave a comment

So I’ve been really busy within the past couple weeks… On October 4th I went to the Marino Wine Festival… which was crazy. They say that Italians do not drink to get drunk… but that was not the case at this festival. The trains were packed on the way there and back. On the way back they had to stop the train because there was a drunken fight. One actually almost broke out right next to me…
that week I had the Jam session! I played Skinny Love by: Bon Iver… and I did a song with my friend Evan, I sang When I paint my masterpiece by bob Dylan and he played the guitar. it went really well! I was really happy with everyone’s performance ☺
I also went to the practice for the Italian Church Chorus that I am doing.. it’s actually a lot like my old Chorus in High school that I used to do, so I’m excited about it.
On Thursday my roommates and I went to the OPERA!!! we got all dressed up and went to Debussy’s ___. it was beautiful. the singers were amazing and actually put me to sleep… lol kind of embarrassing. but I actually didn’t mind it at all.. I couldn’t understand the plot because it was in French with Italian subtitles.
This past weekend was one of my favorites. Lacey, Kate and I went to the Cinque Terre. It means 5 earths. they are five towns that you hike between… the hike all together takes about 5 hours… but we stopped in some towns, explored, had lots of Gelato…. and dipped our feet in the Ocean ☺
the trail is along the Ocean, so the whole time we hiked, it was amazingly beautiful. and sooo rewarding. the trail got to be a little difficult at times (with all the inclines and carrying a backpack…) but it was a great workout and lots of fun.
on Friday we hiked to the forth town, had some dinner… I actually ordered seafood for myself! that is an accomplishment for me… and than we took the train to the campsite that we were going to sleep at. When we got there they said that there were no more campsites, and we had to go to the hostel. The hostel was full…. and the bed and breakfasts didn’t answer or were to expensive… so we camped on the beach! that night it was going to thunderstorm, so we found a place under the dock that had enough of a ledge to cover us. it was perfect. we saw the thunderstorm off in the distance… so I captured it on my camera! I was sooo excited. it looked like it was going off in the distance… but sure enough, at 2:30 in the morning we were awaked by a thunderstorm right on top of us. I was scared out of my mind but it was the coolest thing to be in a thunderstorm.
The next day, we hiked from the 5th town to the 4th… that hike was really fun and about an hour and half long. we were going to swim, but than we had gelato and lunch and we cooled off, so we decided not to… we went to catch our train around 7:30 and it was late… and we had to catch connecting trains… so we missed out first connecting train by 7 minutes, and the second by 40 minutes.. so we got stuck in Pisa for 5 hours… so we went to see an Italian film. haha
it was really fun, but we could hardly understand any of it… and little did we know, it was 2 ½ hours long.. pretty lengthy movie…
we caught our night train at 2:15 in the morning and arrived back home at 5:30. it was a long night…
oh my.. what a story. I think that is my best one yet.


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