Its November already!

November 9, 2009 § Leave a comment

I can’t believe how fast this time is going… I need to catch you all up to what I have been doing within the past month..

during fall break I visited Perugia and Assisi with Kate (my roommate). In Perugia, we visited the Chocolate festival! it was really fun and eat lots of chocolate…

within that same day, we went to Assisi and saw the St. Francesco Basilica. it was really beautiful. we weren’t allowed to take pictures, but I snuck some good ones.

during fall break we also got to see the film festival and visited Napels.. did some shopping and eat some GREAT pizza. the best I think I will ever have.

The next weekend was Halloween… I wasn’t really sure what I was doing for that weekend, and for some reason I didn’t want to stay in Rome… so I texted this guy that I met at the film festival to see what he was up to. long story short, he said he was going to Barcelona and that I should come along. I booked my ticket, by myself mind you. and planned on hanging with this guy and his friends, since that is what he implyed in the text. I flew to Barcelona and he never called. he ditched me that whole weekend even tho he knew that I was alone. so I’m assuming that his friends had an influence and he thought that he would never see me again because I did see him again. that Monday that I was flying back to Rome, he was on my bus and flight. when I got onto the Bus, he hid from me like an asshole would do. I’m really happy with the way that weekend panned out. I’m glad he didn’t call. The friday that I headed out of my apartment to go to the metro, the first thing that I did was pray to God that my trip would go smoothly and I would have someone to travel with most of the time that I was there. and he did just that. On my flight I met this girl Lynnet, and she invited me to hang with her… which I did for the first to days. she ended up being a great traveling buddy because we basically wanted to see the same sites and she was really fun to be around. We went out to eat, saw a flaminco dancer, a parade, churchs and a museum. The second night, I met an Austrailian girl, british guy and two guys from Boston that invited me to go out with them for Halloween. It was really fun! I tried new foods… mussels, clams, shrimp! I have never liked seafood until the past couple weeks.. it has opened up a new level of foods that I can eat. it’s great. That night, while we were out at some bars, we met some people from the philly area and they invited me to have dinner with them the next day. They were really awesome! that sunday was really relaxing. I saw the Picasso museum, and than took a walk to Parc Guell. it was my favorite spot in Barcelona. there was a band playing classic spanish music on the top oof the mountain. i loved it. that evening I went to dinner with the people that I had met the night before. They were so hospitable… we had Topas and wine. and I tried some more food that I have never had before… goat liver and now I like guacomole!!! it’s awesome. i had an amazing weekend in Barcelona.

This past weekend I traveled to Venice!!! the one place that I promised myself I would go to. And I got to ride a Gondola!!! it was so much fun…. Venice is beautiful… it was pretty rainy, but still amazing. I also saw the Venice Beannale. some really great artists….

this week will be very eventful. Today was my work day, but tonight all of my roommates are being treated to dinner by Bretts parents! sooo nice. I love parents. we are going to this yummy Pizza place… I can’t wait!

this upcoming weekend I am going on a class trip to Florence. it should be very informative. I can’t wait to see the David!

Ciao for now


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