September 18, 2009 § Leave a comment

another beautiful day in Rome.
My photo class met bright and early this morning at 8:30 in the fresco room. 5 long flights of stairs to the top of the school. I was mad tired, so when we had a break I went straight to the espresso vending machine. that’s right, I said espresso vending machine… it’s not like the espresso is with lots of other foods or drinks. nope, just espresso.
I love Italy. there is something about being here and needing espresso. no joke. I never thought that I would drink coffee so much. I think it’s contagious. there are so many kinds too. Caffé latte, caffé latte espresso/ freddo/ caldo, caffé e chocoletto, espresso macchiato, cappuccino de orzo macchiato…… geez.
today I had the Orzo one…. not my favorite. I think Orzo means rice, sooo I don’t know what I drank. but, none the less, it woke me up! after the break, we went to Saint Peters and took photos there… which was convenient because we were 5 minutes away from my apartment ☺
now I am about to leave for my galleries and studios class and we are going to explore and visit some artists studios!
I love my classes…


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