second week.

September 14, 2009 § Leave a comment

first week of classes…. I love all of them. my teachers are great, all of them go on explorations, and there are great people in my classes. so far my work load is not to heavy which means i have lots of time to explore 🙂 here is my schedule

Tuesday- Sketchbook at 8:30-12:30, High Ren at 6:00-7:30

Wednesday- High Ren at 9:00-12:00, Galleries and Studies at 3:00-4:30

Thursday- Digital Photo at 8:30- 1:00, Galleries and Studios at 3:00- 6:00

my schedule is amazing.

Last week I ran 6 miles at the villa Bourgese and it was wonderful. I didn’t really know the best routes, so i became a creeper for an hour and half and followed other runners … haha I found some really beautiful spots. on Wednesday I also found a running partner, which was fun 🙂 she runs a little faster than me though… when I say im going running, I’m jogging. but when she says she is going running, she actually runs. lol so I think I got a pretty good workout. On Thursday evening, me and megan made our own dinner and stayed in because we had to wake up early on Friday. Tuscania was amazing. A really great class trip… we stopped at the church that Romeo and Juliet was filmed. I thought that was pretty cool… the town was really authentic and beautiful, and very colorful… the ride there was about 2 hours, but I slept the whole time.. that night Megan, Molly, Sheila, Danielle and I went out to Trastevere and explored. it was quaint little part of town and very populated with younger italians. Saturday was our beach day! Megan and I left at 9:00 and arrived at the beach at 10:00 and stayed until 4:00… so we were there for a good amount of time. We met up with a big bunch of kids from our school, so that was a nice surprise!

That evening, we went out to a bar that was giving away free food, which was delish, and then we went to a chocolate bar! so cute and yummy! I had a shot of Bailey’s in a Chocolate shot glass! with whipped cream on top… yum. thats all i can say.

Sunday, was a lazy day… it thnuderstormed, so I slept in, did some laundry and drew for Sketchbook class. right now we are working on contour line drawings, which is throwing me back to freshman year of high school, but that ok.. sometimes you lose the basics, and you need them to create your own body and style.

Photo on the other hand will be a piece of cake for me. Christi and I are the only advanced photo students in that class… and I’m sure there will be more updates to come… in our first class, she taught us how to shoot motion shots. very elementary. Most of the class had point and shoot cameras that you can’t even do manual settings for… oh my.

Today was an interesting day. I went to the soup kitchen at 10:00 and was expecting them to speak english… but I was wrong. that is one thing that I have learned. Never expect someone to speak your language. It was a an interesting experience. My job was to clean the tables when the homeless people were messy and refilled the water… kinda boring. I couldn’t speak to anyone, because no one could understand me, and my stomach was eating itself. I was promised a lunch at the end of the volunteer work, but no lunch… overall, I was disappointed. but It was a good experience and I’m glad I can say I did it. I was expecting to get alot done tonight and go running, but it didn’t happen… oh well… tomorrow. 🙂


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