first week.

September 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

it’s been a full week since i landed in Rome…. it’s pretty hard to believe. I am now fully adjusted to the Roman time schedule and getting more aware of how italians live day by day.

I’ve been doing alot everyday. sunday our whole group went to the hilltown Todi, which was amazing. such a beautiful place. and GREAT food…. we had an amazing 3 hour lunch! soooo delish.

Monday Kate Megan and I went to the beach which was fun šŸ™‚ and we didn’t get lost! we were proud of ourselves… I got a tan šŸ˜‰ which will become more obvious within the next month! because I will be going to many beaches šŸ™‚ im excited.

speaking of trips, here are some places I am going to:

Sept. 17th- 20th : Pisa, Florence and a Italian winery!

Sept 24th- 27th: Capri/ Almalfi Coast

Oct. 4th: Wine festival!!!

Oct. 8th – 12th: Croatia?

Oct. 16th- 26th: FALL BREAK!!!! traveling around italy…

Oct. 29th- Nov. 1st: ? Halloween!

Nov. 6th- 8th: Venice

Nov. 13th- 14th: Florence

Nov. 25th- 30th: SWITZERLAND!

Dec. 4th – 6th: ?

Dec. 11th- 13th: LAST WEEKEND!!!!

soooo… I’m super excited. I’m going on sooo many trips. but I can’t wait!

Today I had my first classes! I’m really excited for my sketchbook class… the teacher seems really nice, and she already pointed out my work to the class šŸ™‚ and My High Ren teacher is awesome!!! he’s an adorable italian man. I have class at the COLOSSEUM tomorrow morning bright and early at 9:00! so I should go to bed…. it’s 12:36 right now. lol

Buona notte.


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