Life in Roma.

September 2, 2009 § Leave a comment

my first days inn rome are amazing. the Italians are so interesting and lively. When me and Megan arrived, it took us a little while to find our luggage. Than we found the Temple Rome shuttle, Marco and Gianni greeted us. we met some other temple students that were pretty cool and than we were on our own at our apartment. we arrived at 9:30, but Kate was not there until 11:00. so, while we were waiting in the lobby area, we tried to speak to some italians, but we were unsuccessful. I found us water (with a little trouble, but I did it!) and than kate greeted us! Our apartment is amazing. and our keys are priceless.

the first evening we went to the pizza party and met some more students, went out in the town and came back to our apartment. we brought some people over and hung out on the roof. we have an amazing roof. we can see the vadican from it! we loved it so much, that we slept on the roof our first night. it was pretty memorable.

today is the second day. I am having a bit of trouble with my debit card, but we’ll figure it out. we delivered our rent this morning and than went to orientation. very informative because Gianni is awesome. I’m excited for the “Life in Roma” talk tomorrow? i think… lol tonight we my roommates and i dined at a quaint little restuarant. we all loved it and there was great food!

I am now going to go have gelato on my roof! Ciao!


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