Veto Against Pennsylvania College Funding.

August 6, 2009 § Leave a comment

Rendell idea: Pass budget, then he’ll veto most of it.

Governor Rendell is about to veto funding for colleges in pennsylvania. This could be detrimental to many university’s, staff, employees, students and families. This funding is crucial to Temple University in many ways; mainly to keep YOUR tuition rate in check. If this funding does not come thru, Temple students will be forced to eat a 45% tuition increase of roughly $5,000 per year. This amount is tacked onto the current tuition rate which currently sits in the top ten of the most expensive public universities in the country!!! This veto effects me personally because I am a temple student. I am very upset and disturbed that our governor is not thinking of our students who could quite possibly have much more debt than needed and/or drop out of college because they cannot afford it. Taking away this financial aid from the students of Pennsylvania would be evidence of the lawmakers lack of good judgment. The government needs to prove to the citizens of Pennsylvania that they care about higher education.

We are the leaders of tomorrow, why wouldn’t the lawmakers want to invest in the younger generation and the future of our state and our country?

PLEASE call and/or email your local senate and house of representative to state your opinion upon this matter.

Here is a list of all the Pennsylvania SENATORS.

Find your district and CALL!!!

Every voice needs to be Heard.

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